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Darrell Dodge, MA, CCC-SLPDarrell M. Dodge, M.A., CCC-SLP received his speech science and pathology training at the University of Colorado-Boulder and opened the Greenwood Speech Language Center in January, 2000 as one of Dr. Peter Ramig's Associated Stuttering Treatment Clinics. He will be retiring from practice at the end of 2018 and will accept SpeechEasy device clients and will provide follow-up work for past and existing teen and adult clients.

He provided fluency diagnosis and therapy services at the center for over 19 years.  A member of the American Speech-Language- Hearing Association and its Special Interest Division 4 (Fluency and Fluency Disorders), Mr. Dodge is a recovering stutterer who has had personal experience from the client's perspective with many types of stuttering therapy. He is also familiar with the challenges of growing up with untreated severe stuttering and living with stuttering as an adult.  He received his first lastingly effective stuttering therapy from Dr. Peter Ramig at the age of 45. 

Mr. Dodge co-authored the book The Child and Adolescent Stuttering Treatment and Activity Resource Guide with Dr. Ramig in 2005.  (The 2nd edition of the book was published in 2009.)

His Web site, The Veils of Stuttering, offers a personal view of stuttering as well as information on the etiology and development of stuttering; practical information for people who stutter, parents, and speech clinicians; and reviews of recent books and films with characters who stutter.

He was voted "Member of the Year" by the National Stuttering Association in 1998. He has taught the full, graduate-level stuttering course and served as a clinical supervisor at the University of Colorado - Boulder.

Mr. Dodge is featured in the John Paskievich film "Unspeakable," released by the National Film Board of Canada in 2007 (details).

In addition to his masters degree in speech-language pathology from CU-Boulder (1999), he also received an MA in English literature from the University of Cincinnati in 1973. From 1976 to 1996 he served the U.S. Federal Wind Energy Program as a writer, editor, project manager and program leader, at first as a consultant and then as an employee of NREL and other organizations. He received the American Wind Energy Association's "Federal Award" in 1996.


"You have been on my mind many times over the past few years, and I just wanted to drop you a quick note.
I was a client for a short period around 2007. You made such a difference in my life. Not just my speech, but my attitude about myself.
I just wanted to say thank you. You do such wonderful work, have such a wonderful attitude and because you truly understand people who stutter, have a profound impact on people’s lives."
- Amy B.

"We continued once a week for several months, then began once a month, and are now, about 20 months after starting, essentially stutter-free. While this is a bit of a disappointment to Katy as she enjoyed her time with Darrell so much, I am obviously thrilled! Now months after our last meeting, she continues to use strategies she learned with Darrell when she comes across a word that is difficult— I find this incredible.

"I believe that Darrell Dodge is the most compassionate, qualified, and dedicated person that I could have found to help Katy. I would recommend him to anyone I know without hesitation."
- Jennifer Z.
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"I really like Mr. Dodge.
He plays lots of games. And he listens to kids"

- Gabriel, Age 4

"We chose Mr. Darrell Dodge because his philosophy mirrored our own: treatment needs to deal with speech fluency as well as the emotional self.  Here was someone who could reach our son on a level that we could not. For a year they worked together and we now have a happy, confident, young man ready to enter college."
- Gloria P.

"Mr. Dodge's kind and patient manner coupled with his vast knowledge of speech therapy has acted as a catalyst in assisting our child to improve his speech abilities. He has been instrumental in helping our son speak fluently."
Mark & Aleesha W.

"The Child and Adolescent Stuttering Treatment and Activity Resource Guide is a gold mine of therapy techniques and activities in which to teach them. The authors' clinical experiences shine through in their clear explanations of why, when, and how to employ a multitude of tools to increase fluency and make stuttering easier and more like normal speech."
Barry Guitar, Ph.D., University of Vermont

Resource Guide
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* Please note that complete fluency can never be guaranteed for any form of stuttering therapy. While very young children may often completely recover their fluency, research has shown that it is rare for this to occur for children who stutter beyond the age of 5-6, and even more rare for teens or adults. Successful therapy usually results in an increased ability to manage stuttering and dramatically decrease its negative effect on a person's life, health, and happiness.

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